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The 90 Day Alcohol Free Challenge


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  • Jerod Killick

    I'm about to update the original article on the 90 ETOH free challenge.  But, I thought I would post my update here first.

    In short, I made it just about 30 days alcohol free, 60 days short of my 90 day goal.  I took for granted how much I wanted to celebrate the end of 2020 and bring in 2021 with a bang.

    Good thing is that in the end I did not drink a horrible amount for New Years.  I woke up feeling okay.  The benefits from not drinking over the past 30 days are obvious and a bit profound actually.  I feel much more clear headed.  My sleep has improved a lot.  The only down side is that my eating went up a bit....when you in your late 40s, that is something to watch..hahah...

    Anyway, I hope that anyone joining such a challenge sets a goal they can achieve and looks for objective ways to measure the benefits.  A 30 day challenge is much more realistic for anyone who uses alcohol out of habit rather than addiction.

    Would love to know your own experience, especially the pit falls you had along the way.


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